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Are there Petrochemicals hiding in your closet?

Synthetic fabrics, made from chemically manipulated petrochemicals, are some of the most toxic fabrications on Earth. Petrochemical textile materials are immensely poisonous and polluting to the environment, as they require significant amounts

Chandu Magar and Vanessa Conrad

The Economy of Kindness

Social entrepreneurs are entering the market with the ambition to achieve more than just profit. They are after what is called the triple bottom line – one that is concerned with positive gains in profit, people and planet. Revolutionising the market with the refreshing mentality of ‘just because we can

The Magic Healing Powers of Natural Fibres

A new field of studies has emerged in the textile industry that focuses on measuring the frequency (energy) of fibres. In 2003 doctor Heidi Yellen set out to measure the frequency of the most popular fibres used in the textile industry. According to the study, the human body has a

The Journey

“Everything is possible in Nepal!  The people need all the help they can get.” And just like that, a new path emerged and here we are, knee deep in this quest called KIND HUMANKIND.

The value of transparency

KIND HUMANKIND was born from a desire to offer conscious consumers the opportunity to make a well-informed purchase decision. Our mission is to transparently produce ethically-made clothes for a reasonable and accessible price.

The truth about Duty-Free Shopping

At KIND HUMANKIND we believe that when it comes to fashion, sustainability is no longer a nice to have – it is a must-do. But it in order to be able to achieve meaningful change in the industry, first we need to know what is wrong with the industry and

Hollywood Kids

The fashion establishment right now must be feeling like Marie Antoinette felt before the mad mob invaded her castle and captured her. I always wondered how must the craziest of dictators feel when they realise that their gig is up.

The truth about cotton

There is a sense in the ethical fashion community that mainstream awareness is just around the corner, but it is important to note that the process of educating fashion consumers is lengthy and time-consuming. Hence we must never take a break, we must work as hard as the wicked -